List of Painting in the World

Total Words: 746
Fortitude (botticelli)
Melancholy (edvard Munch)
Apparition Of Face And Fruit Dish On A Beach
Apparition Of The Virgin To St Bernard (filippino Lippi)
Adoration Of The Magi (gentile Da Fabriano)
Adoration Of The Magi Of 1475 (botticelli)
Adoration Of The Magi (filippino Lippi)
Adoration Of The Shepherds (giorgione)
Deposition Of Christ (bronzino)
Reply Of The Zaporozhian Cossacks
Lamentation Over The Dead Christ (perugino)
Zawieszenie Dzwonu Zygmunta
Mystical Marriage Of Saint Catherine (michelino Da Besozzo)
Bathers With A Turtle
The Embarkation For Cythera
Impression, Sunrise
Olympia (manet)
Rokeby Venus
Stigmata Of St. Francis (giotto)
Presentation At The Temple (ambrogio Lorenzetti)
Odalisque With Raised Arms
Along The River During The Qingming Festival
The Hireling Shepherd
Bacchus (caravaggio)
Last Supper (tintoretto)
Brera Madonna
Domine Quo Vadis? (annibale Carracci)
Crucifixion (bellini)
Crucifixion (masaccio)
Et In Arcadia Ego (guercino)
Refugium Peccatorum Madonna (crosio)
Flagellation Of Christ (piero Della Francesca)
The Flagellation Of Christ (caravaggio)
Consulting The Oracle
Garçon À La Pipe
Gare Montparnasse (the Melancholy Of Departure)
Pietà (perugino)
Terraced Village
Bocca Baciata
Tezi Altarpiece
Midday (painting)
Regatta At Sainte Adresse (monet)
Martyrdom Of Saint Bartholomew
Crucifixion With A Donor (bosch)
Crucifixion Between Sts. Jerome And Christopher
Lions In The Desert
Samson And Delilah (rubens)
Ariane In Naxos
Venus And Mars
The Fifer